Born Clairvoyant in Mexico City and from a very young age I began my career with readings of Barajas among friends and family. It was not until my adolescence and after several situations that I began to study and delve deeper into this divine gift that was granted to me at birth. It was there that this love was born that I have for helping people like you to heal your body, your spirit, instruct on various topics, remove blockages and unwanted situations and much more, help you understand all this universal magic that today it presents us, so that you can arrive safely at the place that corresponds to you HERE AND NOW.
I currently reside in the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, putting myself at your service using different knowledge and healing tools. Working with the Atlantean and Lemurian Angels, Metatron and others, as well as using energies of Shamanic Reiki and Rainbow Crystal and the use of crystals and their energy medicine, Platonic solids and mandalas. All this allowing me to help you move forward to the being of light that you are and the life that you want, all in love and light, holding your hand and opening your wings. I am here for you!

Location : Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Online service : Available At home : Available

Workshops : Yes

Sessions : Yes

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