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Master of Channelling Techniques and work with Atlantean and Lemurian Angels, an expert therapist in spiritual healing with Rainbow Crystal energy, validated by
Pontenatur. Sacred Geometry Master, Spanish deck readings and other, Pendulum….. Usui Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Technique. Geometric Magic, Gem Therapy,
Cosmic Clock Astrology, Chromotherapy or channeling in public or private spaces for cleanings. Elaboration of Elixirs with crystals and herbal Tinctures. In the children and adult field I have specialized in the instruction of meditation, energy bodies, chakras and basic courses of crystals for children and adults. As well as courses for parents in knowledge of the new generations of children born from the named Indigo Children and their social and personal behavior in society according to their divine plan,
I help find personal work materials by selling crystal jewelry, elixirs and minerals.

Contact: lilly.busto@gmail.com – Facebook

Adress: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Online Services: Yes Home Care: Yes

Learning: Yes

Sessionns: Yes