Sabela Bernárdez (Spain), founder of the Pontenatur School, with more than 15 years of teaching experience. I have a degree in Communication Sciences, specializing in Public Relations and Digital Marketing, a naturopath, magician, technician and Reiki trainer. The sum of my knowledge and experience in digital and communication tools, teaching, consulting, participating in groups in managerial positions, as well as a therapist and teacher of energy disciplines is what encourages me to take this association to take another step by rebirth. as an international network of therapists. A dream that I have always had to collaborate and help network and weave together the future we want.

This space will allow you to keep up to date with energy, natural, spiritual or magical techniques; events, offers, information about the energies of the moment and access a professional directory in one place in English and Spanish. This network wants to become your team of professionals who want to help you return to your original vibration, to be the bridge to your natural essence. You can also see those trainings and therapists validated by the Pontenatur School .

This initiative was born after several years managing this space in Galicia, Spain, where professionals and users of energy techniques converged. Now we take one more step to digital and international cooperation. In the future we will study other advantages for you. Subscribe to news and Facebook . Soon, more information, we are under construction. Now, we invite you to dive into our directory. We all follow a code of ethics but of course, any problem with any network, do not hesitate to contact for arbitration: . Love, Sabela Bernárdez.